Member Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from Members

How does this plan work?
To protect against double-digit health care premium hikes, your employer is contracting directly with a health care service provider to give you access to award-winning health care while eliminating insurance-carrier middleman costs. Under the plan, ACA-compliant coverage is available for you and your family, including your spouse and dependents.

What is the Bon Secours Value Network?
The Bon Secours Value Network is a robust network of doctors and facilities that delivers individually focused care at convenient locations throughout the greater Richmond and Hampton Roads regions. The network is made up of five award-winning Bon Secours hospitals that are top performers by national standards, primary and specialty care practices, ambulatory care sites and continuing care facilities. Bon Secours is continually expanding and improving access to care, including urgent care and retail clinic locations, extended-hour primary care offices and virtual care via website and mobile application Bon Secours 24/7.

Which doctors and locations are in the Bon Secours Value Network?
There are over 700 board-certified providers at more than 185 Richmond and Hampton Roads locations. More providers are constantly being added as well.

What if my doctor is not listed in the Bon Secours Value Network?
You are free to use any provider you choose—there are no network restrictions. You will maximize your benefits and reduce potential out-of-pocket costs by using providers in the Bon Secours Value Network.

You can call the number on your member card to find out the allowable amount for a visit to determine if the doctor will or will not accept that amount. You or your employer can also request that a doctor be added to the Bon Secours Value Network.

Do I need a referral to see a doctor or specialist?
No, there are no referrals required for providers in the Bon Secours Value Network.

Who do I contact for coverage verification or specific benefits?
Call 1-844-486-8231 to verify eligibility for plan benefits before charges are incurred. The plan administrator can share additional information about plan coverage of a specific benefit, particular drug, treatment, test or any other aspect of plan benefits or requirements.

What if I have an emergency or I’m out of town and need care?
The plan provides coverage for emergencies regardless of your location. If you must see a doctor outside the Bon Secours Value Network, the plan administrator will assist in communicating with those providers to eliminate or reduce any risk of balance billing.

What if I have a pre-existing condition?
All members are eligible for covered services, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Is this a high-deductible plan?
Yes. The plan divides the deductible into two separate deductibles that can help you save. One deductible is for emergencies, unforeseen serious medical conditions and needed high-cost prescriptions. The other is for more routine and frequent health care services.

Does this plan work with my Health Savings Account (HSA)?
Yes. The plan integrates HSA accounts so you can realize tax savings on seen and unforeseen health care costs, including expenses that apply to your deductible.

Is my annual physical covered?
Yes. The plan covers preventive services.

Does this plan save on prescription costs?
Yes. The plan can save you 30% or more on prescription costs. You also have access to virtually every pharmacy, including pharmacies located at Bon Secours facilities.