About The Bon Secours Value Network

The Bon Secours Value Network

Access to world-class health care

  • In-network access to over 700 board-certified providers at more than 185 Richmond and Hampton Roads locations, including eight award-winning hospitals
  • A full-spectrum, integrated care system: primary care physicians, specialists, emergency and urgent care, virtual health visits and pharmacies
  • Patient access to electronic medical records to share information and help coordinate care
  • No network restrictions; out-of-network access also available

Increased control over health care costs

  • Transparency over health care dollars, allowing you to target specific areas to improve employee wellness
  • Tools to help both employees and employers save on health care costs
  • You can add Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and empower employees to better manage their health and health care costs

Cost savings

  • Predictable payments each month regardless of claim activity
  • Safeguard finances with flat rate stop-loss insurance for catastrophic claims
  • Control administrative expenses and save on state premium taxes
  • Realize the potential of a cash refund from prefunded claim surpluses